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Christmas Tree Care

Caring For Your Tree

Tree Care

Your tree needs to be looked after to keep it looking and feeling its premium best throughout the festive season. Here are a couple of our top tips to help keep your tree fresh and happy.


If storing your tree for a couple of days before putting it up, place the base in a container of water and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. A Xmas tree will still take in water long after it has been cut!

Before you bring it inside, hold it upright and give it a couple of bangs on the ground. This helps remove any old needles that the tree naturally has.

If you can, cut half an inch from the bottom of the tree trunk.

Once inside put it in its stand, in the position you would like it, before cutting the netting and releasing your tree.

Keep your tree away from direct heat i.e radiators and fires or sunny windows.

Most importantly water your tree daily. Most stands are designed to take water, if yours isn’t just drop your tree through the stand into a bowl or mug with water in it..decorated festively of course!

When the festivities are over take your tree to your local recycle centre that accepts wood and garden waste. Your tree can then be chipped to use for mulch in parks, gardens and woodlands.