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Sholach Trees Limited is a small family business established in 1994, passionate about tree care and managing the land to work alongside nature.  Our plantation is in rural Perthshire around one of the many lochs in the Lunan Valley area, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

We have an agreement with NatureScot to keep grass buffer strips round the loch and between our plantation and neighbouring farms.  The farm includes a small mixed woodland and a boggy area providing diverse habitats alongside the tree plantation. There is a wide range of wildflowers and shrubs for pollinators.

We have had advice and visits from the Scottish Woodland Trust and planted mixed hedgerows, again providing a different wildlife habitat and increasing biodiversity.  Any deciduous trees we plant are native to the area and enhance biodiversity.

A real Christmas tree is a renewable resource.  We plant more trees than we cut each year. The process of growing a Christmas tree to optimum height takes eight to 10 years.  During this time a single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide and an acre of trees provides oxygen for 18 people. They are fully biodegradable, can be chipped and will decompose and return their nutrients to the ground, becoming climate positive. We use oxo bio-degradable netting to net the trees.

We are a local seasonal employer and have young people at weekends for paid work experience.  The farm is open in the weeks leading up to Christmas for people to come out and choose their own tree and customers are encouraged to walk by the loch and nature trails while there.

For more information watch our video, winner of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association 2020 competition, a two minute video which tells the story of our business.

Sholach Christmas Trees winner of The British Christmas Tree Growers video competition 2020 from Kelly McIntyre on Vimeo.

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