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Our Christmas Trees

Nordman Fir

Our Christmas Trees

There is a year-round commitment to looking after our fresh Christmas trees with various jobs carried out through all seasons. The average 6ft Christmas tree takes between six and 10 years to grow and we plant new trees every other year to maintain a constant supply of trees of all heights. Our young trees are bought from a reputable nursery and left to grow for a couple of years. Then every tree is hand pruned to enhance the density and shape of the trees. Every year the “bud rubbing” takes place in June. This is the practice of pruning stray shoots, helping the trees to grow bushier and in proportion.

Then there is the marking and grading of trees ready for the harvest during November or sometimes earlier depending on demand

The harvest period is very intense, often in bad weather but we like to think of it as character building!

Nordman Fir – Non-needle-drop-variety

The stalwart of Christmas, the mighty bush. Nordmann Fir is overwhelmingly the most popular choice with it's fine symmetrical, pyramid shape and strong branches. It’s the perfect indoor tree with excellent needle retention.

It’s big, glossy green needles are soft to touch, and the scent of Christmas Fir makes it a favourite for all the family to decorate.

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