Our Christmas Trees

We have three varieties of Christmas trees on the plantation:

Scan 3Norway Spruce – ‘The Traditional Christmas Tree’

The Retro Christmas Tree is making a comeback. The classic smell and memories of Christmas Past are here. Back in fashion the Norway spruce has mid to dark green needles and is slightly prickly to touch but with strong branches it’s ideal to decorate. It does have a tendency to drop its needles so many people are also using them for fantastic outdoor trees. So if you’re ‘pining’ for the nostalgia of Christmas past this is the tree for you.


1412542_266255800193945_1809652789_oNordman Fir – Non-needle-drop-variety.

Overwhelmingly the most popular choice ,it has a fine symmetrical, pyramid shape and strong branches.

It’s big, glossy green needles are soft to touch, and the scent of Christmas Fir makes it a favourite for all the family to decorate. 

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