Autumn Video blog

Now the local festival for Braemar night and the Highland Games is over there’s a distinct smell of autumn in the air and the nights are fair drawing in! That means Christmas Tree harvest time is in the post. Here’s a wee blog to keep you up to date on what goes on at Sholach … More Autumn Video blog

The New Year

It was a good to start New Year with a brisk walk and to play with new toys and that’s not just the kids! Craig was loving his new drone and I’m looking forward to using some of the footage in future video blogs. Thats if it ever stops being windy out here as it’s … More The New Year

Christmas Tree Harvest starts in October and where to buy our trees.

At the end of October I always think of Halloween and Guy Fawkes night before the harvest starts but not this year. We had our first order of 176 trees to be harvested and sent to London. These special trees are going to famous! They are to be delivered to television studios and magazine offices … More Christmas Tree Harvest starts in October and where to buy our trees.

Loch Season

Well we finally got our first week of nice May weather. I declared the loch open as I usually do with the first swim of the year. Boy it was refreshing, well actually freezing! There’s no where else I’d rather be when the sun is shining loch side.   We had visitors camping for a … More Loch Season

Wee Trees

  The latest of our trees were planted about this time last year. Back breaking work but certainly more enjoyable on a sunny day… I think so anyway as I didn’t have to do it! I just appeared with my camera, took a few shots then sat back and enjoyed the sunshine. The planting crew … More Wee Trees

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. Not just keeping you updated on the life, love and damn hard work bringing up our christmas trees but my general meanderings of home, the surrounding area and things I enjoy. Whether days ‘oot’, recipes, my own ‘wee adventures’, thoughts o ‘Berry times’ past  or just ‘blethers’ this is where you’ll find it. Enjoy it … More Welcome to my Blog