The McIntyre family have farmed at Wester Essendy for around  100 years.  Willie McIntyre bought the Sholach in 1995, adding to the land he had inherited from his father. Following the raspberry growing history of the family he diversified into growing Christmas Trees in 1992.  Following his death in 2012 we’re continuing his christmas tree growing legacy as a family.

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As well as wholesale we sell our trees locally in Blairgowrie and Perth. Our pop-up shops are also at Crystal Palace Park and the Graveney and Meadow in Tooting, London. 

Sholach Christmas trees LondonDSC_0189
Crystal Palace Sholach Christmas Trees


We all have different roles working on the farm. Fitting in the running, management and upkeep of the trees with the other jobs we have.

Family Business. Willie Jnr, Jean McIntyre, Kelly, Craig and Seren Davies. Photograph by Conall McIntyre.



Craig is the hands on. Spending most of his time on the upkeep of the trees. This involves pruning, keeping down the weeds, pest control, leader repair, branch repair and general farm maintenance.  Feeling the Love. Winter Tree Care

When he’s not doing this he also works as a hard landscaper. Essendy Landscaping

Willie at work

When Willie isn’t renovating houses he’s  here helping out with all the various tree tasks and he deals with the business side of things.

Conall and Jean

Jean is a primary school supply teacher and Zumba enthusiast she does the day to day administration for the farm.  Conall gets roped in for all manner of jobs, when he’s not at school, from pruning to harvesting.

Harvesting Trees

Kelly works in photography and video production when she’s not posing for pictures pretending she actually does any hard work here! Joking aside, I help out when I can in the field but generally look after the website, social media and marketing.