The New Year

It was a good to start New Year with a brisk walk and to play with new toys and that’s not just the kids! Craig was loving his new drone and I’m looking forward to using some of the footage in future video blogs. Thats if it ever stops being windy out here as it’s difficult to control it.

Pretty soon it was back to the real world but we were both lucky to have had 2 weeks off work. Made the thought of returning to work even harder to bear. I was the lucky one though, going back to the office with the log burner on, preparing for new filming projects. Craig had the onerous task of starting to prune the trees, seven thousand of them! He had some company as Willie was using his hard earned week’s holiday to come up the road, to prune trees. More of a novelty as he’s usually  stuck in central London driving trains but still a chore. It’s an all year round job looking after Xmas trees. There is also the business side to deal with, the yearly tree care plan, organising buying new trees and looking into pot grown trees to suit demand. I joined them for an hour to document it and I was so lucky that a wedge of swans arrived to the loch just as the last of the sun was hitting the calm waters and a mist was rising. Here was me disappointed that I hadn’t made it down when the light was still on Willie and Craig but that more than made up for it. I’d like to say that I helped them out a bit with pruning a few trees but that would be lying. Here’s a wee short film of the boys at work with a bevy of swans minding their own business in the background.

I’ve been making a rough cut of some the footage I shot at our Pop Up Christmas Tree shop. Yes, I’m already making a video to advertise next year’s Christmas tree harvest, no rest for us!  At my work I’ve been working on short films for the local council, taking wedding photography bookings and had a lovely pregnancy photoshoot. On top of that I’ve discovered my passion for Kundalini Yoga – Yoga by the Loch, you can’t beat it!  Although it was a bit nippy this week at -2 but so far this year we’ve been lucky with a mild winter. I’ve been working with the lovely Calista filming some of her classes for her Kundali Live online Yoga videos. You can get information from one of her pages here:  Calista Ascension or  Kundali Yoga Live

The committee at Clunie Hall are also busy organising our February Ceilidh to raise funds for the hall. Live music, stovies and lots of fun guaranteed. We’re trying to raise awareness of the community hall for people to hire for parties, events and training days. Dating from 1912 it has served the community of Clunie, Craigie, Forneth and we’d like to see it used more regularly. It’s a great space and fingers crossed we may have a wedding there in April :)!clunie-ceihidh

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