It’s Christmas Time


It’s been an adventure this year at Sholach Trees. Our Pop-up shop was a new venture and we had no idea if it was going to be a hit or not! So much apprehension in the months/ weeks/ days/ hours leading up to it but thanks to you all, it was a great success and we’d like to say a massive thank you to everybody for their help and support. I know some people were trying a real tree for the first time in years and I hope we’ve rescued you back from the darkside! There were friends and family, friends of friends and family and loads of new faces. Great to see you all. Cheers, and we hope to see you all again next year. We enjoyed catching up with you all new and old, having a banter and seeing the photographs of your fine trees in all their Christmas splendour.

It was a lot of work preparing the stands for the trees and rigging and de-rigging each day. Well done Craig, Conall and Sam for their hard work! And I feel I did a great job of turning on the urn, prepping my homemade shortbread, checking on the boy’s progress  and putting the price lists out, no easy task 🙂

Our Sholach Trees Pop-up Real Christmas Tree Stall

Thanks to Alec at The Gig and Dreadie Blairgowrie for letting us loose in and around your establishment. To mum for making sure the tree was well decorated and the baubles were symmetrical. Also for looking after Seren every weekend!! To McSanta for helping on the stall and also for delivering trees. To our good pal Bert for letting us store trees. To John Mac for his fine Christmas decorations that added to our stall and sold out every week, better get whittling for next year John 😉

Now every weekend has its highlights but at the kids Christmas party in the Gig I really got to shine! When asked if I’d mind getting dressed up to help out then I’m sure they knew what the answer would be, well I was already dressed as a Christmas Elf. The party was bouncing with young kids and parents and I’m happy to hear it will be a regular event. I danced my socks off and the little kids were in awe of us, it was truly heart lifting. Don’t think I can give up the day job just yet! McSanta was more than happy to lend a hand too. As you can imagine there was a fair bit of hilarity in between our entertainment time in the party. I particularly liked my  Costume that was far more ‘Cameo -Word Up’ than ‘Kelstar as Iron Man’. Being an Iron Man novice at putting on the costume  meant that I was dropping my armour all around the dancefloor, a fair bit of comedy from that too!

But as much as I enjoyed our Christmas Tree selling I would be lying if I didn’t say my Elf costume was off as soon as I got in the door that last night and replaced with my pajamas and baffies, be gone Kelf the Elf but I look forward to seeing you again next year.

We chose the nostalgic Norway Spruce as our Christmas Tree. They have such a beautiful full shape and that traditional smell of Christmases gone by,  a real vintage look and feel. Yes they do drop their needles more than the Nordmann Fir but we kept ours well watered and it’s been gorgeous all Christmas.  We have bairns and dogs so lets face it the hoover is out every day anyway and there’s something relaxing about hearing the pitter patter of pine needles on the gifts under the tree.

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I celebrated in style before I finished work with my friend and colleague Pete. We pushed the boat out this year and had ‘pigs in blankets’ on a roll with Branston Pickle for our festive breakfast at Keathbank Photography. After finishing ‘work work’ and Christmas tree work it was time for the usual Christmas runaround – last minute gift buying, wrapping gifts, delivering gifts and braving the ‘pre-apocalyptic event’ that is our local supermarket, I mean the shops are all shut for One Day, better stock up for the week! My favourite part has to be Christmas Eve. Scraping Hyper bairns off the ceiling, scattering Reindeer dust with a carrot or two and leaving out Santa’s Christmas pie and glass of milk. Hanging up your stocking, I still remember how I felt doing that as a child and love it now. I don’t know who was more excited – me, Conall or Seren. The stockings are bigger now, custom bought, we always raked for the biggest one of dad’s socks we could find – oh the smell of berryfields and new toys 😉 Then we got to put out the presents and try and get to sleep before Santa comes. I think we may be lucky in this family as Craig was waiting for the bairns to wake up at 6 am, Conall was waiting for Seren to get up and I was just sleeping. 730am, now that’s a good Christmas morning time!

I think the best thing about the Christmas holiday is spending it with friends and family. It’s a time to catch up, chill-out and appreciate all the special people around you. Ok so presents are an added bonus but being with my family and eating good food, drinking fine wine (We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!, always space for a Withnail & I quote) and having a generally good craic is priceless. I don’t see friends enough and Christmas is the time to see them ‘back in Blair’ and to pick up where we left off.

So Hogmanay is in the post, so many memories of good old New Year Parties at our house. We were brought up with them. I can remember us running about in our jammies misplacing folks jackets etc in return for finding them for 50p, it was a childhood money maker, an easy way to make dosh fae inebriated guests.

This is the first one for many years that we haven’t spent at  Grandad Seggies. For years the whole family spent the 2nd at Gran and Grandads for over-cooked beef and well boiled veg until the family got too big to fit. Latterly it was replaced with Hogmanay  for his legendary ‘grandad nips’ – a wee bit mixer and a large dunt of alcohol of choice. I’m so chuffed that many of my friends joined us and experienced a true Hogmanay at Grandad Segs. Music, dancing, chat and a huge appreciation of good friends, family and scottish tradition.

We had the final shindig with him last year, the end of an era.  It was how he would of wanted it, unfortunately he was bed bound but in true Seggie style we sung and danced and were all there with him. All the family, everything he loved and was so proud of. So tonight Grandad we will be lifting a glass and celebrating your life. We miss you. You were always so proud of everything we did and I know you would be loving our Sholach Trees antics and our bit in the Blairie (or the two minute silence as you called it 😉

Grandad Seggie at one of our Legendary Hogmanay Parties.

So on this Hogmanay we wish all our friends, family and customers a healthy and happy new year. I hope you have your family close and your memories of loved ones even closer.

In memory of Faither and Grandad Segs, much love


The McIntyres

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