Christmas Tree Harvest starts in October and where to buy our trees.

At the end of October I always think of Halloween and Guy Fawkes night before the harvest starts but not this year. We had our first order of 176 trees to be harvested and sent to London. These special trees are going to famous! They are to be delivered to television studios and magazine offices so they can start their festive filming and christmas advertising. Christmas is ‘in the post’! Trees need to be supplied slightly out of season so they can be prepped, decorated, filmed and photographed for us to view’ in-season’.

We had some huge trees to harvest, also making their way down South. It took some machinery to sort these big boys out! Watch this space for some photographs when they’re up and decorated.

We are selling our trees in the Gig Carpark every weekend in December! We would love to see you there. We’ll have a selection of lovely fresh cut trees for you to choose from. Choose from the ever popular Nordmann Fir and the ‘Retro’ Norway Spruce. Sizes range from 4ft-7ft for Fir trees and 4-6ft for Spruce trees. If you’d like to pre-order for collection then please let us know. I have dusted off my Elf suit, and please watch  Sholach Facebook Page for times when Santa will be joining us.We will have hot drinks to help keep the winter chill at bay. Come along and speak to us about all things Xmas tree, with advice on how to get the most of your tree through the festive period!


The last big load is due to be loaded and sent down south tomorrow(hopefully one lorry will do it!)

Then it is time to concentrate on all the local sales, and getting those fresh cut trees straight from the field to your homes for decoration!

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