Feeling the Love. Winter Tree Care


I have to admit that I was always more interested in ‘the berries’ than christmas trees. Probably because we had been brought up with ‘the berries’ and at ‘the berries! ‘They were an integral part of our life. That has changed now. The berries have gone and Christmas trees are the priority.

I could see there was a lot of work involved in Christmas Tree upkeep but michty me, I dini think any of us knew how much.

It’s still wintry but thankfully there’s a wiff o spring in the air. Check out the snowdrops! We have thousands of trees to care for and this is the time of year that they need love and attention. There have to be repairs carried out;  winter pruning, bird pegs and pest spraying (I hate spraying but it has to be done unfortunately… still, the bees are safe with this one.)

Repairs involve trying to fix the damage caused by deer marking their scent. Stopping the itch of their new growth antlers by rubbing their neck or head up against trees, which removes their bark and causes the sap to stop rising. Therefore, there’s is no growth on that side of the tree. Who would o kent it?? Winter pruning stops them growing too wide and opens up the tree to let the air in. Bird pegs stop large birds, crows or pigeons, landing on the top leader so they don’t break them. The leader is the top shoot where the star or angel sits adorning your tree.

Spraying: Craig discovered Woolly Aphids which can damage a lot of trees. Nowadays Craig gets on a mission after discovering these beasties munching away… It reminds me of my dad spraying the berries for aphids in the evening, always mindful of the bees.

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